Who we are

We are a volunteer association which was born in June 2011,with the aim of improving quality of life, for people being affected with epilepsy and their relatives.


We are an association engaged in reducing the impact of epilepsy over ordinary people’s lives and for improving quality of life by encouraging awareness and public’s literacy.
We are working with people living with epilepsy to ensure their voices are taken into account.

What do we want to do?

  • We are fighting against discrimination and stigma which people being affected by epilepsy always have to deal with.
  • We are raising awareness on epilepsy through national , regional, and local events , media campaigns.
  • We influence public policies to achieve best practice for people being affected with epilepsy.
  • We are cooperating to guarantee services and suitable assistance.
  • We are improving accessibility to reliable and clear information over epilepsy.
  • We are improving policymakers about ordinary needings of people with epilepsy.
  • We are organizing training courses both in schools and working places

Why do we do that?

Because we wish we could have a world where stigma and prejudice won’t be hindering to live a life

Our vision

A world without epilepsy.
We believe that people coexisting with epilepsy have the right to:

  • Being free by discrimination and stigma.
  • To have access towards medical, educational, social services of high quality support and education.

Our values

As association for epilepsy our values are:
the rights, the integrity, the autonomy ,and wellness of all people living with epilepsy.