Project to set up a Pediatric Neurology Hospital and Outpatient Service for the Madrugada Campus - Guinea Bissau - West Africa.

The Madrugada Health Cooperative, legally constituted with publication in the Official Bulletin of the Republic of Guinea Bissau, has been operating in Bissau since March 15, 1991 with fully Guinean staff (doctors, nurses, midwives, pharmacists, radiology and laboratory technicians, teachers, auxiliary staff, agronomists, administrators, maintainers), independently manages the Madrugada Campus and is creating the conditions for the fruitful employment of Guinean personnel and for the return to Guinea Bissau of Guinean professionals trained abroad.
The Campus consists of the Medical-Diagnostic Center which includes a surgical pavilion with 2 surgery rooms, intensive care, delivery room and caesarean, hospitalization, dialysis service, outpatient clinic (Internal Medicine and Infectious Medicine, Pediatrics, Gynecology / Obstetrics, Cardiology), Dentistry with dental laboratory, pharmaceutical workshop with production of drips and off-label essential drugs on the basis of regular ministerial license, radiology with CT scan, analysis laboratory, medical gas production service including medical oxygen, hospital solid waste incinerator. In addition, the Madrugada Campus is equipped with a school-sports complex with Kindergarten (3 classes with internal canteen), Primary School (6 classes with 2 cycles, morning and afternoon), Football Academy (6 Categories and national championship) and an area of ​​the Campus is intended for agricultural and services use with horticulture and nursery, nutritional center with bakery, oil mill, fridge-container for food and production of nutritional cream for pregnant women and malnourished children. The Campus also has its own tailor shop. There is an autonomous and independent residence to host repatriating Guinean professionals and volunteers on mission. The Campus is equipped with 2 wells (mutually connected) of drinking water, drawn from over 230 meters deep and free of charge distributed to the population, an energy plant with generators, a medium to low voltage electrical transformer cabin, an electrical continuity station and 2 photovoltaic systems with energy storage. Finally, there is also a guardhouse to protect the structures with state police personnel to guarantee a 24-hour guard service.

Since about 30% of children attending at a pediatric hospital are affected by a neurological disease, it is necessary to create an outpatient and inpatient service specifically dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric neurological disorders. Particular attention will be devoted to the study of epilepsies, which are the most frequent condition, having an incidence of 4% on the pediatric population.
For this purpose, it is planned to renovate adequate spaces with 2 hospital beds for hospitalized patients and an outpatient clinic inside the polyclinic pavilion already equipped with an air conditioning system.

For the completion of the outpatient clinic / hospitalization and above all for the instrumental equipment, an investment will be required in terms of building / plant adaptation within the outpatient clinic: the current radiology service will be definitively relocated to the new radiological pavilion, where a CT scan (the only one in the whole state) is already installed and functioning, with the recovery and renovation of the related spaces.

The design was carried out thanks to the selfless help of professionals (engineer, architect and surveyor) from Verona – Italy (engineer, architect and surveyor) – while the renovation will be carried out on site thanks to maintenance professionals and the Guinean construction team employed by the Madrugada Cooperative in collaboration with volunteer technicians of the same Association, with building / plant materials sent from Italy (Annex).

Below is the estimate of the adaptation interventions / essential biomedical equipment:

The training of staff on site and in remote learning will be guaranteed thanks to the collaboration with the IRCCS Institute of Neurological Sciences of Bologna (ISNB) and with the Associazione Italiana Epilessia.


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